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Online WordPress Tutor in India

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Wordpress CMS is one of the fastest growing CMS in the world. It has lots of features like easy theming , better performance, best user interface, easy plugin development etc.So worldwide developer like this CMS for there clients or themselves. If you are planning to do a CMS, Wordpress is the right choice for you.Currently wordpress has largest vacancies in IT companies.You can build your career in wordpress. If you check wordpress syllabus of some other training center, you find that they only cover some basics in wordpress . That even our clients know .They don't teach in advance level topics.

We provide Wordpress training in Delhi for developer who want depth ,advance knowledge in Wordpress such as Plugin Development, Hooks, Widget Development etc.So if you planning to just complete advance training in wordpress you can contact us .

1 Introduction of WordPress

Introduction of WordPress 4

Comparasion to other CMS ( wordpress, Joomla, Magento )

Features of Wordpress

WordPress 4 installation

Permalinks for wordpress clean url

Creating simple content : Page and Post

Concept of Post Type And Taxonomy

2 Basics of WordPress

Theme files introduction

Template tags and Page Template

Creating custom widgets area


3 Create Custom Content/Post Type and display it's Data

WordPress database tables introduction

Creating Custom Post Type 'products' and Taxonomy 'product category'

Using WP Loops to show latest products

4 Wordpress Theme Development

Preparing our HTML template

Creating new theme folder

Creating index.php file

Creating internal pages page.php ,single.php

Widget area theming

Finalizing our new theme

5 Wordpress Plugin Development Part 1

HOOKS ( action and filter )

Plugin development, creating custom table on plugin activation

Create admin menu

6 Wordpress Plugin Development Part 2

Using WordPress database connection object : wpdb

Creating add page to insert data on custom table

Upload image wordpress way

Creating list page to display records from our new database table

7 Wordpress Plugin Development Part 3

Widget development

Create widget to Show our tables's data as widget on frontend

Using Jquery,Ajax with WordPress

Create ajax based category - post lisitng

8 Project: News Portal part 1

Creating custom post type 'news' and taxonomy 'news category'

Create custom menu of 'category menu'

Create widget to show latest news on left sidebar

Create 4 boxes on home page to show latest news heading of any 4 category

Create a page taxonomy-.php to handle second screen

9 Project: News Portal part 2

Create single-.php to handle news details page

Using wp poll plugin to show poll widget

Pagination on second screen ( news listing page )

Social media share icons on news details page

using Disqus comment plugin

10 Some Usefull free Wordpress Plugin

'Contact form 7' to create contact form

'Display Widgets' to hide widgets on specified pages

'All in one SEO plugin' for Wordpress SEO

Moving WordPress from Localhost to Live Server


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