Exam Tips for Students

On hearing the name of the examination, the eyebrows of the students raise. And they start feeling like a kind of burden. Do not know in the tension of the examination, they start thinking silly questions and also stop meeting because of fear. But this fear is not a real fear. It is only a […]

What is Computer Programming

The computer cannot do anything on its own unless it is given an instruction. It is the computer program or software that tells the computer what to do and how to work. That is, your computer cannot do anything without any program or software. Computer program is also called software or computer application. Programming is […]

Computer Shortcut Keys

We rely on the mouse for many small things to work on computer. It is also true that our work becomes very easy with the mouse. But you can also work quickly through the keyboard. A short cut keys function quickly and make your work easy on computer. for this you you must have knowledge […]